What we have Learned from Brexit

  1. Your vote is worthless. Democracy is a corpse. Politicians will do what is best for them and to hell with the people
  2. Unelected lawyers now run the country. Parliament takes instructions from them not us
  3. Rich foreigners are financing these lawyers including Gina Singh Miller – a Sikh of Indian descent born in South America who has twice taken our sovereign government to Court
  4. Whilst most Remainers accepted the majority vote because they support democracy, there is a substantial number who want us to be ruled from abroad by a foreign organisation that makes laws for 28 states, not one. Very sad
  5. Whilst we all understand that doing certain things is illegal, we now have a situation where NOT doing things is illegal. How can the absence of a deal be illegal? I can rightly be arrested for having illegal drugs but the law has changed beyond recognition if I can be locked away for NOT having them
  6. You can take legal action against our Prime Minister for something he hasn’t done and has said that he will never do
  7. Governments use our money to produce propaganda leaflets that contain promises that they do not intend to fulfil
  8. The EU is desperate to keep us as they will go bankrupt without our money and our future success will prompt others to leave
  9. We need to bring back hanging for Treason including collusion with foreign governments, introduce a Bill of Rights and replace Westminster with a slimmed down democratic government with an elected second house (jury style)
  10. The bloated BBC is a biased propaganda machine working for their EU and UK Establishment paymasters. Their charter must be revoked
  11. After 40 years of loyal membership, paying a fortune and following Directives like sheep, our so-called partners have treated us despicably. We are well off without them
  12. The EU is hellbent on expansion (Albania anyone?) and further integration, including an EU army to defend its shores and keep its citizens under control, always assuming it hasn’t gone bust first. Conscription is planned so be prepared to sacrifice your children to the project
  13. Despite the above there is good news. Brexit has revealed a divide that has existed in the UK for many years and (still) needs addressing. It has also brought People Power into the open and has given the Establishment a substantial (and long overdue) kick in the crutch.

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2 Responses to What we have Learned from Brexit

  1. Paulo à Pé says:

    Nice one sir! Have circulated your unrivalled cynicism to all my equally cynical Followers!

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