Algarve Roundabouts & Statues

In many ways Portugal is very traditional. But in the Algarve (way down south) they have a definite taste for modern, and sometimes strange, sculptures on rotundas (roundabouts) and in town squares…

This is a statue of the “Boy King” in the main square in Lagos, known affectionately by the locals as the Astronaut:
In similar style a statue of a fisherman in Alvor:
alvor fisherman
The Ship roundabout in Lagos is my favourite, although austerity measures mean that the fountains are rarely on full power:
ship roundabout
The Ball Roundabout is suspended so that the vane catches the wind and rocks the ball:
ball roundabout
And the Chairs individually light up at night:

chairs roundabout 2
And we have the Tulips Roundabout – I’ve no idea if the flowers have any significance:
tulip roundabout
The village of Guia claims to have brought Chicken Piri Piri to Europe, and the village is full of restaurants selling this wonderful spicy dish. The roundabout tells the tale:
guia chicken roundabout
Geocacher joca63 has published a series of geocaches around Albufeira featuring more interesting rotundas. Here’s a shot I took of Albufeira’s Dolphin roundabout.

dolphins roundabout

My only concern is that the local councils (Camaras) seem more interested in fancy roundabouts than in maintaining safe roads. There is a road between Penina and Portimão which is a mass of potholes and patch ups yet they are building another fancy roundabout. Picture to follow…

2 Responses to Algarve Roundabouts & Statues

  1. Brilliant photos – my favourite is the ship roundabout but no water yet this year 😦

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