Arty Stuff

My attempts at being creative…


An impromptu shot taken whilst geocaching in Portugal at a place called Cama da Vaca, Portuguese for Bed of the Cow. A inappropriate reference for the subject and the place which had some incredible rock formations.

Nothing like a big brother to give a helpful little push! (Twilight at Martinhal).

An eerie photograph taken at Villaret in the French Alps – September 2012: Nikon D90

Cork bark, newly cut from Portuguese cork oak trees. Portugal is the world’s biggest producer of cork, an industry suffering from the introduction of artificial “corks” and screw top wine bottles:


A roof in urgent need of repair!


In the grounds of the Palace of Versailles Marie Antionette built a full sized replica of an English village:

versailles english village

The village contains a full size farm which is working to this day. This cockerel was a bit of an attention seeker:


Walking around inside the Place of Versailles I spotted this artificial hunting trophy on an external wall and took this shot through a window. When the palace was built they hadn’t invented float glass, hence the interesting distortions to the surround.

versailles trophy

Southsea Beach:


The Old Man and the Sea:

burgau lookout

An eucalyptus tree at Guadaloupe in the Algarve:


An old fort near Boca do Rio in southern Portugal:

Forte de Almádena



Nazaré, Portugal:

best 6 - caravanserai

Peace and Light:

peace and light

And a page of creative images would be incomplete without a sunset:

martinhal sunset

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