Street Entertainment London Style

Covent Garden, August 2014

Some Vivaldi in the old market:

street entertainers
street entertainers2

And outside I came across this character…

silver levitator

who generated some puzzled faces

silver levitator1

and some head scratching as he and his mates hovered above the pavement.

silver levitator 2


There was a balloon swallower

balloon swallower

and the statutory Bible Basher. I wonder if he has found out.

looking for jesus

The Mad Hatter was there

mad hatter 1

with a live mouse..

mad hatter 2

A new meaning to the term “window shopping”:

window shopping

And finally, answering the subject raised in my last blog I spotted this on the South Bank…

graffiti and art

The difference between graffiti and art?
It’s very easy to tell them apart!


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