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Lagos Urban Art 2018 – ARTURb

September saw the annual gathering of European street artists in Lagos, Portugal. As in previous years there are several new examples on the streets, although this year there was greater emphasis on creating works in the old town jail which … Continue reading

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Brexit Betrayal

I ahve sent the email below to my MP Bob Blackman, who supports leaving the EU and Hard Brexit, as do I. “Dear Bob Thank you for representing me so ably at Westminster and for responding to correspondence honestly and … Continue reading

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Lagos Street Art 2017 – Part 2

If you live in the Algarve region of Portugal you may have come across the street art in and around Lagos, or seen articles and images in the Tomorrow Algarve magazine. The huge mural by Mister Thoms featured in my … Continue reading

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Lagos Street Art – 2017

Followers of my occasional blog will know that I have an interest in street art, particularly around Lagos (in Portugal, not the Nigerian one). In conjunction with the local council, LAC (Lagos’ arts laboratory) invites artists from around Europe to … Continue reading

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Odiáxere Carnival 2017

Two years ago we went to the Carnival Parade at the small village of Odiáxere near Lagos in South West Portugal. It was so good that we went again this year and took a few photos of the locals of … Continue reading

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Six Nations Rugby – Anyone Understand It?

Certainly not the players! I confess to being a “football man”. This largely stems from the fact that I was the 2nd smallest kid in my school year and consequently not great rugby material. My only venture on to a … Continue reading

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Ecco Shoes Rip-Off Continues

Followers of this blog may recall my post 2 years ago concerning quality problems with expensive shoes made by Danish manufacturer Ecco. Unfortunately I bought 4 pairs of premium priced shoes before I realised that the soles fall apart if … Continue reading

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