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What we have Learned from Brexit

Your vote is worthless. Democracy is a corpse. Politicians will do what is best for them and to hell with the people Unelected lawyers now run the country. Parliament takes instructions from them not us Rich foreigners are financing these … Continue reading

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Where has all the Money Gone?

OK, UK taxpayers DON’T GIVE £350 million a week to the EU because they get some back, but they still GIVE £200 million net every week. And the UK isn’t the biggest contributor – we come third. The EU then … Continue reading

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David Cameron on the Brink of Insanity?

The claims coming from Cameron and his EU Remain camp are becoming increasingly bizarre and unbelievable, although he could be excused this irrational behaviour if you delve a little deeper (see below).

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Thank you Scotland – from the rest of the United Kingdom

Last Thursday the Scots voted to remain a part of the United Kingdom rather than split off as a separate country, and I as an Englishman am greatly in their debt. I rarely go to Scotland, sharing my time between … Continue reading

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Does Anyone Support the European Union?

Well, some do of course – although it’s increasingly difficult to understand why Europhiles are not an extinct species. I do not want this site to become overly political, but this issue is so important to those of us who live … Continue reading

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