UK Images

The following were shot in the UK. More will be added from time to time.

To start here’s one taken with an iPhone (unbelievably) in a tunnel near Borehamwood, North London. It was very cold (note the icicles) and the terrain at the far end of the tunnel was covered with snow and therefore brilliant white. The winter sun was low and behind.

This one was taken at Ruislip Lido with my Nikon D90.

Our front garden:

January Snow – taken on a Nikon D90 with 50mm lens:

snow choisya

old trailer

18 January 2013 and 7cm of snow has brought out the tobogganers on Stanmore golf course, N W London:

lost hat 2

hoodie sledger 2

return journey

Summer 2014 on London’s South Bank, and a little lad takes a sneaky look?

a sneaky look

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