Odiáxere Carnaval – 2015

Odiáxere in the Algarve is only a tiny village, so I wasn’t expecting too much when I went to their carnival last week. How wrong can you be!
It seemed that the whole village was dressed up, young and old, in a variety of highly colourful costumes. Clowns, pirates, Charlie Chaplin, even the Pope!
There were some innovative forms of transport, including an amazing motorised gate, all against a backdrop of Odiáxere’s magnificent restored windmill…

carn1carn2carnaval 036carnaval 125carnaval 091carnaval 073carnaval 138carnaval 161carnaval 233carnaval 239carnaval 244carnaval 195acarnaval 208acarnaval 040carnaval 064carnaval 094carnaval 120carnaval 204acarnaval 255acarnaval 154

…and afterwards, the clear up….

carnaval 190

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