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Lagos Street Art – 2017

Followers of my occasional blog will know that I have an interest in street art, particularly around Lagos (in Portugal, not the Nigerian one). In conjunction with the local council, LAC (Lagos’ arts laboratory) invites artists from around Europe to … Continue reading

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Street Artists go Stir Crazy

Once again the street artists have brightened walls in Lagos, Portugal. And they didn’t just stir the paint, they painted the town jail – like this… Laboratório de Actividades Criativas (LAC), an arts organisation part financed by the Portuguese government, … Continue reading

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Street Art

My (very occasional) blog has previously touched upon Street Art as a topic. I featured the skeleton on a building in Lagos (Algarve) and can’t resist showing it again below. But in the last year or two many fine examples have been … Continue reading

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London’s Street Entertainers

I’m currently in the UK and took the opportunity to watch the street entertainers Click here for more…

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Street Art

I think most of us agree that scrawled “tags” are an eyesore. The product of juvenile half wits with nothing better to do. But now and again I spot a really clever piece of street art, like this one in … Continue reading

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New Photographs Added

Some new images of Portugal have been added to the photo library: Peace and Light – Redolent of the 1960s Almond Blossom Season – January/February: Distinguished Local Residents: More images here

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Strange Statues & Weird Roundabouts

In many ways Portugal is very traditional. But in the Algarve (way down south) they have a definite taste for modern, and sometimes strange, sculptures on rotundas (roundabouts) and in town squares. Follow the link below… Algarve Roundabouts & Statues

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This week we took time out to go to the Carnival in Alte, a small village inland on the Algarve, southern Portugal. Carnival (or Carnaval as it is termed in Portugal) is probably best known in Brazil which, of course, … Continue reading

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