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Street Artists go Stir Crazy

Once again the street artists have brightened walls in Lagos, Portugal. And they didn’t just stir the paint, they painted the town jail – like this… Laboratório de Actividades Criativas (LAC), an arts organisation part financed by the Portuguese government, … Continue reading

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Street Art

My (very occasional) blog has previously touched upon Street Art as a topic. I featured the skeleton on a building in Lagos (Algarve) and can’t resist showing it again below. But in the last year or two many fine examples have been … Continue reading

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London’s Street Entertainers

I’m currently in the UK and took the opportunity to watch the street entertainers Click here for more…

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Street Art

I think most of us agree that scrawled “tags” are an eyesore. The product of juvenile half wits with nothing better to do. But now and again I spot a really clever piece of street art, like this one in … Continue reading

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New Photographs Added

Some new images of Portugal have been added to the photo library: Peace and Light – Redolent of the 1960s Almond Blossom Season – January/February: Distinguished Local Residents: More images here

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Strange Statues & Weird Roundabouts

In many ways Portugal is very traditional. But in the Algarve (way down south) they have a definite taste for modern, and sometimes strange, sculptures on rotundas (roundabouts) and in town squares. Follow the link below… Algarve Roundabouts & Statues

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This week we took time out to go to the Carnival in Alte, a small village inland on the Algarve, southern Portugal. Carnival (or Carnaval as it is termed in Portugal) is probably best known in Brazil which, of course, … Continue reading

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