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Six Nations Rugby – Anyone Understand It?

Certainly not the players! I confess to being a “football man”. This largely stems from the fact that I was the 2nd smallest kid in my school year and consequently not great rugby material. My only venture on to a … Continue reading

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Ecco Shoes Rip-Off Continues

Followers of this blog may recall my post 2 years ago concerning quality problems with expensive shoes made by Danish manufacturer Ecco. Unfortunately I bought 4 pairs of premium priced shoes before I realised that the soles fall apart if … Continue reading

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Two Year Brexit – You’re having a laugh!

The EU will need at least 10 years to agree a trade deal with the UK – forget 2 years after Article 50. The EU’s deal with Canada took 7 years, and then only after they ran roughshod over Belgium’s … Continue reading

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Street Artists go Stir Crazy

Once again the street artists have brightened walls in Lagos, Portugal. And they didn’t just stir the paint, they painted the town jail – like this… Laboratório de Actividades Criativas (LAC), an arts organisation part financed by the Portuguese government, … Continue reading

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They still don’t get it!

Piers Morgan said on TV this morning that Remain got it wrong – they thought we were concerned about the economy but it was actually immigration that worried us. Wrong! Immigration was an issue but so was our disgust at … Continue reading

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Politics after the Referendum

Next Thursday the Brits go to the polls to decide whether the UK will leave the EU, having been battered from both sides with predictions about the economy and immigration. However, how about an unbiased prediction of the political scene … Continue reading

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David Cameron on the Brink of Insanity?

The claims coming from Cameron and his EU Remain camp are becoming increasingly bizarre and unbelievable, although he could be excused this irrational behaviour if you delve a little deeper (see below).

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Honeymoon in Sri Lanka – Not us!

I will shortly be attending the wedding of my niece, with a reception in a swanky hotel and country club, from which they will fly to Sri Lanka and on to the Maldives. Or possibly the Seychelles, or Mauritius, or … Continue reading

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Cuban Street Art

Followers of this blog will know that I am a fan of street art (not scrawled graffiti) so when I spent a couple of weeks in Cuba earlier this year, I had to get out my camera.

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Bert’s Dilemma

 “Mine’s a pint Bert”.  “OK Fred, but only because I’m looking to you for some advice”.  “Thanks mate. Fire away!” he said taking a sip of foam. Another short measure.  “Well Fred, you know I keep a few chickens and … Continue reading

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