Brexit Betrayal

I have sent the email below to my MP Bob Blackman, who supports leaving the EU and Hard Brexit, as do I.

“Dear Bob

Thank you for representing me so ably at Westminster and for responding to correspondence honestly and promptly.

If my vote at future elections was “for the person” I would have no hesitation in continuing to vote for you. However, as you know, whilst you represent a political party I will be voting “for the party”, not the man.

I generally support Conservative policies, especially economic ones, and abhor Labour but the U-turn on Brexit policy (Brexit does not mean Brexit any more) has persuaded me that the party now shows contempt for true democracy: the democracy of the referendum.

I must therefore, very reluctantly, advise that unless there is a significant move in Conservative policy towards a clean break from the EU, I will not be able to vote for you again. I feel betrayed.

Of course, should you decide to represent another party committed to complete withdrawal from the EU or reversion to the arrangements we originally voted for some 40 years ago, then I would be delighted and you would be assured of my future votes.

Many thanks for your support, especially in trying to achieve a hard Brexit and fighting for Equitable Life policyholders.”

Sad that democracy means nothing in Britain today.

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2 Responses to Brexit Betrayal

  1. Paulo à Pé says:

    I was slightly perturbed by the name of your MP which is not only racist but also sexist and hair cut-ist! I would be more at ease if you referred to him as Mr Hairstyle Person-of-Colour. Paul Itical é Correct

    Sent from my Oneplus 5

  2. Peter McCluskey says:

    Duck house is back missed it!

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