They still don’t get it!

teapotPiers Morgan said on TV this morning that Remain got it wrong – they thought we were concerned about the economy but it was actually immigration that worried us. Wrong!

Immigration was an issue but so was our disgust at our laws being overruled by foreign bureaucrats. The reason I voted for Brexit was my refusal to allow the continued supremacy of EU law over UK law

But most of all, this was a vote by hard working taxpayers against the Establishment – we are sick of being screwed down whilst bankers pay themselves bonuses, fatcat politicians lie & line their pockets, and multinationals pay no tax.

We have the bit between our teeth now, so watch out Westminster!

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1 Response to They still don’t get it!

  1. Graeme says:

    I agree with you totally, you should have said Moron ??

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