Street Art

My (very occasional) blog has previously touched upon Street Art as a topic. I featured the skeleton on a building in Lagos (Algarve) and can’t resist showing it again below.

But in the last year or two many fine examples have been popping up all around Lagos, supported by local arts organisation Laboratório de Actividades Criativas (LAC). LAC is part financed by the Portuguese government and is based in Lagos’ old town jail, right next door to the GNR (police), in Largo Convento Sra da Glória.

Every year they invite well known international street artists to Lagos. Their first task is to redecorate the inside of the jail which is worth a visit in itself. Viewing by the public  is free of charge – just show up during working hours and say hello.

Once the jail has been completed the artists hit the streets to produce works like those pictured here.

boy by alias

The above is one of many by ALIAS to be found on the streets of Lagos.

man and bird

The above looks as good close up as from afar.



girl on the corner

snails in the garden


the moving finger



The last one above is more gruesome viewed close up, but it was the fact that it was in a ruin that struck me. Poignant!

Finally the one that started it all for me. On the side of a huge building on the main Avenida that runs by the river, this masterpiece is by ARYZ:


How come these people get so little acclaim?



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8 Responses to Street Art

  1. Peter says:

    munzee great idea one i was going to do as well blog shared on twitter and on

    • chiptheduck says:

      Munzees are a great idea for showing people around. It costs them nothing and all they need is a smartphone. I’ve seen some of yours around Lagos Peter.

      • peter says:

        you should get a few views to this blog as its been shared on FB pages Lagos 365 and that has been shared by other people 4 times inc Tommorrow Magazine maybe you should let them publish it …

      • chiptheduck says:

        Tomorrow magazine is a good idea. I’ll contact them.


  2. chiptheduck says:

    I contacted Tomorrow and these street art shots are going to appear in the next 3 issues, starting with the issue to be published in a week or so. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. peter says:

    chip getting more famous….. good thing!!!

  4. Peter McCluskey says:

    there is a new art work replacing the one with the face and bird one second i your list cant add the picture here but you can see it at

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